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Our 12 Favorite and Free Digital Marketing Tips (2022 Update)

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In this post we’ll talk about digital marketing, again!

Businesses will agree with us when we say that digital marketing is critical for any company’s growth in 2022. The typical digital marketing activities include SEO, social media, content creation, email and so on.

There are 3.4 billion people actively using social media, so it is naturally important for companies to find creative ways to reach them.

Digital marketing can be used to help you generate a loyal customer base, and that includes engaging with better prospects, turning them into leads, and converting them into loyal paying customers.

Although, embarking on a digital marketing journey can be both overwhelming and frustrating at times. The start-up or small company may not have much influence in the digital world which aligns with it’s nature.

If you want to read more on straight up tactics in digital marketing that you can implement today, read this: Your 13 Favorite Digital Marketing Tactics.

Here are some tips on how marketers can promote their digital marketing strategy for 2022.

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1. SEO is your most powerful ally

For longer-term traffic growth, it’s important to include SEO strategies in your content. To find out what people in your industry are searching for and talking about, research with tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

2. Don’t make content for robots

It is important to personalize your content to differentiate your business from competitors and create a unique customer experience. More than 40% of customers switch brands due to poor online personalization. Freckle Studios, in their TechCrunch article, agrees: “Poor personalization is one of the biggest mistakes most companies make. The data about the customers you are reaching has never been better.”


3. Know your customer (KYC)

A good way to come up with content ideas is to keep in contact with the customer base by shadowing your support team and your sales team on a monthly basis. Then again, the best marketing and content ideas sometimes come from your own customers, not your internal team.

A good approach to take when we see bad ads is to understand the big picture they’re trying to deliver to their customers. Where did it go wrong? If not, how can it be delivered correctly?

4. Play the long game for digital marketing

Instead of short-sighted tactics, marketers should focus on customer-centric campaigns to generate long-term success. They should focus on delighting customers and not just grabbing attention as this will have a more powerful effect.

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5. Focus on growth in your company

Marketing people now have the opportunity to lead the way in customer experience. In the past, marketers’ job was just to attract new customers for salespeople. Marketing has always been about improving traffic and revenue for them, but today this position can also architect a new path to success.

When you think about customer relationships, consider all of the different departments they’ll go through before they become repeat customers. Consider how you can help advocate for your product in every department to get better word of mouth recommendations.

6. Match your content to the buyer’s journey

Targeting your content to the different stages of the buyer’s journey can be an ‘Ah-ha moment’ for your customers. It doesn’t make any sense to offer a sales demo when someone is in the awareness stage, or offer a blog post suggestion to someone who has just found what they are looking for.

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7. Design + consistency = brand

An integrated campaign should have consistent language and design style from channel to channel. Ensure that creative, messaging, analytics, branding and the medium you select all are integrated correctly to ensure great reach.

8. Don’t just write about your products or services

If a brand is looking to court potential customers, they shouldn’t just write about their products or services on the blog. Instead, try creating content that aligns one’s target interest with what their company can offer. For example, if you’re a coffee maker company, examine different ways you might improve your morning routine and create content about them.

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9. Backlink is behind brands’ biggest growths

Learn what you can do to maximize your SEO and backlinks. The better you can rank for a single keyword, the more traffic you’ll drive to your site rather than spending your time and money on ranking for a number of keywords that are unconnected. The ability to target more individual keywords at once is crucial in today’s competitive marketing environment.

Additionally, we suggest topics are only one part of the pyramid-topic + backlinks for ranking well in Google. High-performance content comes when you get people to share your content as much as possible.

10. Think about “why is this a bad ad?”

Tip number 10 is an important one: you need to understand the big picture when analyzing an advertisement’s performance because there are a lot of other factors behind the success of an advertisement. In order to make sure your ads are successful, it’s important to know a particular customer’s journey. For Google search ads, someone would have had to search a keyword you selected, click on your ad after finding it relevant, and then be happy with their landing page experience.

If your ad content or media isn’t performing well, it may be because there is a mismatch between the ads you are running and the content on your landing page. This often cause confusion for your potential customers.

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11. Follow your customers

We emphasize the need for companies to shift their strategies to meet the demands of their target audience. Since digital marketing is a fast-changing theme in business, they need to ensure that their strategy stays constant with the lifestyle of their customers and potential customers. For example, if you’re selling tech hardwares, it might be better to promote through YouTube videos instead of newspaper advertising.

12. Don’t be scared to try

Go back to the drawing line if things are not working for you. This can either be your internal processes or with your digital marketing efforts. For example, if you’re not seeing that many responses from marketing campaigns, you can try new creative subject lines to boost open rates.

We often implement these digital marketing tactics for our clients. Are you having difficulties working on these tactics?

If so, we can help guide you to perform well in your work. Email us your preferred time, and we’ll send you a Google Meet link to help you out!

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